New Homes: Insulation Installation for Builders

Northeast Pennsylvania builders choose Orr Industries to ensure energy code compliance, thorough workmanship and cost-effective insulation solutions. We are an insulation contractor and energy performance consultant. We stay up to date on the latest building science innovations so we can help our region’s homebuilders ensure more energy-efficient homes for customers. Our crews are punctual, reliable and courteous. We take pride in our work and seek to ensure complete customer satisfaction from the initial consult to the finishing touches.

Trained. Tested. Trusted.

We do more than simply install insulation. We serve as a trusted consultant throughout the process, helping to add value to everything you build. By understanding and planning for the ways air, moisture, heat and cold interact over time, we can help you deliver improved comfort, efficiency and durability — for homes that support your reputation for exceptional performance.

We will help you:

  • Meet today’s increasingly stringent energy code
  • Develop effective and cost-efficient solutions
  • Improve inspection pass rate and help reduce callbacks
  • Deliver higher-performing homes and buildings with lower energy costs
  • Cultivate more satisfied customers 

Fiberglass insulation is cost-effective, quick to install, and doesn’t require special equipment or evacuating other trades from the space. So, it can help you stay on schedule and sometimes even make up for lost time.


We are also a local spray foam contractor and cellulose insulation installer for new homes. Simply contact Orr Industries today to learn more about all we do for builders.