Your Local Commercial Fireproofing Expert 

Orr Industries completes fireproofing for commercial jobs throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. 

Intumescent Fireproofing 

Intumescent fireproofing is typically used when the structural steel will be left exposed and incorporated as an architectural focal point. For intumescent fireproofing installation, A/D Firefilm® III is our product of choice. The recommended use for this product is fireproofing of interior steel beams, columns, tubes and pipes. 

Product Features/Benefits

  • It is a water-based decorative thin film intumescent fire-resistive coating for protection of interior structural steel. 
  • It has UL, ULC, FM and Warnock Hersey approvals to meet most fire protection requirements up to a three-hour rating. 
  • It will provide the smoothest finish of the intumescent products. Compatible topcoats are available in a wide range of colors for a decorative finish. 
  • UL/ULC, ITS and ICC-ES Listed – designs for many types of steel sections. 
  • Up to three-hour fire ratings for both interior general purpose and interior conditioned space applications.
  • It has advanced fiber-free formulation and dust-free surface.
  • Durable finish – provides a hard, impact and abrasion resistant surface.
  • Low VOC content. It is VOC compliant with governmental health and safety regulations.
  • LEED compliant.

Exterior Application

Thermo Lag 3000 from Carboline is an exterior-rated epoxy-based fire-restive intumescent fireproofing coating installed by Orr Industries. Thermo Lag 3000 provides an extremely durable protective fireproofing finish for both E119 and UL1709 rated assemblies. Typical applications include both commercial and industrial structural steel frame assemblies.

Product Features/Benefits 

  • Inherent flexibility and elongation based on advanced polysulfide technology
  • Crack resistant during construction and in service
  • High flexural and tensile strength
  • Lowest thickness and applied weight per fire rating of any exterior rated epoxy intumescent
  • Best application characteristics of any epoxy intumescent: 1:1 mix ratio and easy batch-mix for single component and trowel application
  • Listed and certified to UL 1709
  • Offshore certification by Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • Resistant to torch/hose stream impingement per NFPA, Annex H
  • Explosion resistant


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