Residential Insulation in Scranton and Beyond

From adding insulation to an existing attic to entirely insulating a new construction home, our approach is very different from the average contractor. At Orr Industries, our local insulation team always puts our customers first. Our goal is to help create an energy-efficient, comfortable and quieter space for families. Whether it’s a warm summer day or a cold winter night, we believe homeowners deserve to be consistently comfortable no matter the season.

Rather than focusing on one form of insulation, we have become experts in a variety of products, so our customers receive optimal options based in building science. We take care of everything, from the installation to the cleanup after. When you call us in, our expert assessor will review the style of the home, the materials used during construction, and a range of other factors to determine the optimal energy-saving, cost-effective solution.

View our types of residential insulation work:


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