Residential Waterproofing Solutions  

At Orr Industries, we provide waterproofing solutions during the construction of many structures. We will assess your specific project to make a recommendation based on the scope and building design. Here are some of the waterproofing products we work with each day.

Cold Asphalt Waterproofing 

The superior hang strength of WATCHDOG® H3 delivers a consistent thickness for maximum waterproofing performance when it cures to 40 mils. Other waterproofing products slide down the wall and pool at the footer, leaving the basement walls vulnerable to leaks and seepage. WATCHDOG® is performance-engineered to hang in place on the wall, eliminating product waster and providing exceptional waterproofing protection.


Cold Asphalt Waterproofing with Drainage Board

The TUFF-N-DRI® Barrier Board is designed for use with TUFF-N-DRI® waterproofing membranes. The unique proven fiberglass design promotes efficient water drainage and the retention of the board’s R-value. The Barrier Board protects the waterproofing membrane, channels water to the drainage system and insulates foundation walls. The ability to quick set TUFF-N-DRI® boards into curing TUFF-N-DRI® membranes allows for same-day, efficient installation of a drainage.

The Warm-N-Dri® Rigid Fiberglass Board is a drainage, protection and insulation board designed for use primarily with Tuff-N-Dri® Spray-Applied Waterproofing Membranes. Warm-N-Dri’s unique and proven glass fiber design promotes efficient water drainage and the retention of the board’s R value. The semi-rigid nature of the board acts as a protection course for the Tuff-N-Dri® waterproofing membrane.

Warm-N-Dri® is an excellent way to address below-grade energy efficiency needs. It fulfills requirements specified in ASHRAE 90.1, which call for below-grade walls to have “a rated R-value insulation not less than” what is specified for the climate zone.

The exterior insulation of foundation walls can reduce interior condensation by increasing the outside temperature of the wall, helping move the dew point nearer to the outside of the wall. Warm-N-Dri® may help reduce the risk of freeze/thaw related damage on typical foundation walls. It allows for same-day and efficient installation of the drainage, protection and insulation course when used with Tuff-N-Dri® Spray-Applied Waterproofing Membranes.