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FOAM-LOKTM Retrofit Foam


FOAM-LOK Is a semi-rigid, non-toxic, spray foam insulation that adds tremendous value as an air and moisture barrier solution that air seals wall, floor, and ceiling cavities to prevent air movement. With FOAM-LOK you can take solace in knowing summer’s humidity or winter’s frigid bite, will not be getting in.


FOAM-LOK Retrofit Foam is specifically designed for injection and pour applications into existing wall cavities and block wall constructions. The FOAM-LOK Retrofit Foam provides the same physical properties characteristics of the FOAM-LOKOpen Cell spray applied insulation system and allows the applicator to insulate and air seal existing walls without removing the interior face of the existing wall. FOAM-LOK Retrofit Foam may also be used to insulate the cavities of existing block wall constructions.


FOAM-LOK Retrofit Foam helps create an air barrier system in wall cavities and may be used to incrementally fill an existing cavity wall or block wall assembly from the bottom to the top in a progressive application. This installation method allows an existing cavity wall to be insulated without the removal of the interior face of the wall, providing an air barrier and insulation of the wall with minimal impact to the wall cavity reducing the time, labor and the expense of removing and replacing the existing interior face of the wall.


In block wall assemblies the FOAM-LOKRetrofit Foam may be used to incrementally fill the interior cavities of the block to supply insulation and minimize the air leakage and heat transfer of the assembly.

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Recommended Product Applications

  • Cavity Wall
  • Block Fill

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